Sunday, November 11, 2012

If you see Santa... Tell him!

More merchandise is now available for Pudding Fanciers, Lobbers and Ramsbottom Enthusiasts... Shirts, mugs and Beer Tankards!

All profit to local charities.

Perfect for that spare Swaddling Stocking!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sorry, no report from this year's 2012 Championships... but a stunning day was had by all!

To console all the pudding fanciers out there for the lack of a report... here's your chance to grab exclusive World Black Pudding Throwing T-shirts...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pudding it back together

Well, it seems like a lifetime since the last time I stood on the Golden Grid, brow furrowed in concentration, arm swinging slowly, feeling the clammy moistness of my pudding in my hand, visualising, ready to compete.

But as any serious athlete will tell you, sometimes the tension feels tight enough to break. Sometimes it does.

That's how it feels when injury strikes. The thrill of the hunt for glory is replaced by the long road to recovery. The scent of the quarry lost. Determination and pain replacing the exhillaration of the moment.

So this is IT again. After a seriously torn ligament that reduced me to crutches for a significant part of the pudding throwing calender, back in training. Willing forgotten sinews to behave, flex, do what my mind asks.

It is a long shot that I'll truly be in contention again this year. Maybe next year. But still it feels good. Only a few weeks to this year's competition, and who knows... The old beast may awake... The chase for GOLD... There may be life in the old pudding chucker yet!.... LOB ON!!!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The Nation has chosen it's Song For Europe... but there's still unfinished business on the world wide Olympic Pudvision Song Contest front!

We announced last year that we were hoping to raise the profile of Black Pudding Throwing, along with other Great British sports that are ignored by the International Olympic Committee... and campaign to have our sports recognised, if not as official events, but at the least as part of the opening ceremonies. We called for a SONG to spearhead the campaign and opened the PUDVISION SONG CONTEST.

... It's now time for the nation to choose A SONG FOR THE OLYMPICS!!!

Over the next few months we will be posting some of the entries to this website... starting with The Chatterton Riots' moderately tuneful opus, 'PUDLONDON (Who Would Have Believed It)'

Voting will be a combination of number of 'hits' and number of 'posts' supporting each entry. A final winner will be announced at this years' World Black Pudding Throwing Championships in September.

Late entries will still be accepted up to a month before the final decision... although the later the entry, the less time to gather support.

Terry Wogan was today unavailable for comment.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Olympic architects today unveiled plans for the new Olympic Stadium to host the 2012 Olympic Games. PUDLONDON have wholeheartedly approved the new design which has been modeled on the giant yorkshire puddings that are the targets thrown at by competitors in the World Black Pudding Throwing Championship. This design is complemented by 'pudding shaped' retail and convenience kiosks which will be situated around the stadium (foreground) and are multicoloured to symbolise the international appeal of Black Pudding Throwing which continues its bid to be included, alongside other traditional Great British minority sports such as conkers and cheese rolling, in the Opening Ceremony. 'The new stadium design illustrates that our bid is being taken seriously' said a PUDLONDON spokesman, 'They are obviously building contingencies into the design in anticipation of the PUDLONDON 2012 campaign succeeding'.

Monday, October 01, 2007


To support the Olympic Bid, the World Black Pudding Throwing Federation, yesterday, announced a competition to find the song that will spearhead the campaign.

Local musicians are hard at work penning a potential number one hit that will make the Olympic organisers sit up and listen!

Entries are welcome from all over the world (given our international appeal) and the winning song will be posted on this blog.

Closing date january 5th 2009. Entries to this e-mail address.

Considerable interest has already arisen, however both Paul McCartney and Elton John were unavailable for comment yesterday.


As the campaign gathers momentum to include Black Pudding Throwing as a demonstration sport at the 2010 London Olympics, and to celebrate the lesser-known sports of Great Britain in the opening ceremony, the World Black Pudding Throwing Federation has suggested that Team GB adopts a new logo (pictured). A spokesman said, 'This could be a great opportunity to showcase the real spirit of Great Britain, by celebrating regional diversity, I have a vision of black pudding throwers marching alongside gravy wrestlers, bog snorkelers, cheese rollers and even extreme ironers as the Olympic torch is lit!'. Sebastian Coe was yesterday unavailable for comment.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



We have received no news as yet about our status as an Olympic Sport. Despite our shortage of medal hopes in other sports, there are real potentials for British glory in Black Pudding Throwing. With all the home nations in the top half of the World Rankings, and a British born World Champion three years running, Team GB would form the backbone of our Olympic hopes. A lobby group has been set up on Facebook and we hope to organise a petition via our new blog. Please post to the blog to lend your support... All Together Now... 'THREE PUDS ON MY CHEST....!'


What a Championship 2007 was!!!
Not only was there a record breaking number of entries at close to 900 (how soon in this millenium before the World Black Pudding Throwing Championships gets a three zero number of entries we wonder), but PUDSTOCK / PUDFEST was a treat to behold with an awesome line-up of bands that continues to grow and improve year on year.
Entries were taken from as far a Nigeria and Malaysia as the world-wide appeal of this ever challenging, fascinating and above all addictive sport continues to reach the parts of the world that other sports just don't.
The Championship was placed under a high security alert by rumours of a planned attempt by international criminals to steal the priceless Golden Grid, which is part of the ceremonial heritage of the event, and also serves as the contestants' oche. Intelligence reports surfacing in May suggested a 'real and imminent' danger, and the Grid was placed under heavy security. As a result, the traditional scottish piper was replaced this year by a military escort that accompanied the Grid from it's secret location, via steam train in an armoured carriage, to Ramsbottom Station. From here the military escort accompanied the Grid to the barks of the squad sargeant and the metronomic sound of precision marching. Close guard was maintained on the grid throughout the event, and thankfully there proved to be no attempt to steal the grid on the day.
The weather, as is customary for Black Pudding Throwing, was fit to melt clog-irons, and the new landlady at the Royal Oak, Elaine Singleton, was on hand to ensure that all contestants and organisers maintained adequate fluid intake.
The final, if not as spectacular a finale as last year, exhibited the ukelele-string tension that typifies many of the finest Championships, something that real pudding-throwing connoisseurs find far more satisfying as they wring their flat caps in anticipation.
For nearly four hours, Paul Rudge of Southport (known as Sandgrounders in those parts, on account of the fact that everyone builds their house on sandy ground - and presumably, as biblical wisdom would indicate, there are no wise men in the town! Although rumour has it that there are also no... oops!... better not go there!)
For nearly four hours, Paul 'Rollercoaster' Rudge of Southport, had to wait for his winning throw to be verified as the highest score. But as he wiped the sweat from his brow with white knuckled hands and absent mindedly chewed the famous Royal Oak window ledge, contestant after contestant stepped up to come within inches of equalling his score and knocking him off the top of the leader board.
At one point no less than six contestants were officially designated 'Yorkshiremen' (or 'one pudding short of a trophy') tied as they were in second just behind Rollercoaster Rudge.
But the Rollercoaster held on despite the butterflies in his stomach leaping up, like a naked burglar in a mousetrap factory, each time his puddings were threatened.
Closest of all were defending champion Tony 'The Puddingmeister' Burke, and past champion Steve 'Swaddler' Pilkington. Both pushed the Rollercoaster hard in the final ten minutes of the competition, resorting to a blistering pace attack that rattled the scaffolding at every throw.
The crowd cheered, they groaned, they felt the tension in the very heart of their being. The clock ticked down, and as one the multitude counted with it, TEN!...NINE!...EIGHT!...and between counts, an eerie silence, no traffic, no chatter, just pure focus and concentration...THREE!...TWO!.......ONE!
And it was all over! The Rollercoaster Reigns!
Meanwhile, on the junior platform, young Regan 'The Destroyer' Duckworth swept all before him to commandingly win the Junior Championships. This young talent amazed all present with his mastery of the 'yorkwise reverse seam lob', a technique seldom attempted by today's 'fast lobbers'. The reverse seam lob employs the magnus effect, in the same way that Beckham swerves a football, to loop the platform from the yorkwise (or eastern) stack of puddings before reversing it's delicate trajectory to clear the opposite stack. Could Regan be a future seniors champion. Experts agree that if he had stepped up, as allowed by the rules, and entered on the Senior platform, we could have been looking at the youngest winner since Sean Taylor in 2002
Finally, we have received no news as yet about our status as an Olympic Sport. Despite our shortage of medal hopes in other sports, there are real potentials for British glory in Black Pudding Throwing. With all the home nations in the top half of the World Rankings, and a British born World Champion three years running, Team GB would form the backbone of our Olympic hopes. A lobby group has been set up on Facebook and we hope to organise a petition via our new blog. Please post to the blog to lend your support... All Together Now... 'THREE PUDS ON MY CHEST....!'
And so another year draws to it's scintillating conclusion. Contestants will rest briefly before embarking on their strict training regimes, to get ready for the most eagerly anticipated sporting event of 2008
Be there on the second sunday in September 2008 for the next chapter in pudding throwing history. Swaddle yer puddings! LOB ON!